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The Nesting Grounds Coffee Shop in Wyoming, MN on Highway 61, just north of Forest Lake and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. PaulHot Chocolate & Other Great Drinks!

Hot Chocolates

Classic Cocoa


Cocoa, steamed milk, whipped cream

White Cocoa


White cocoa, steamed milk, whipped cream

Spicy Cocoa


Cocoa, cinnamon, streamed milk, whipped cream

S'more Cocoa


Dark cocoa, marshmallow flavor, steamed milk, whipped cream

Other Greats!

Hot Apple Zapper


Hot apple cider, caramel, cinnamon, whipped cream

Caramel Apple Blast


Hot apple cider, caramel, whipped cream, caramel drizzle

Hot or Cold Apple Cider






Italian Soda



Any flavor, sparkling water, poured over ice

Cremona Soda



Vanilla, sparkling water, heavy cream, poured over ice




Chocolate Milk











Bottled Water






Remember... All espresso/coffee and Chai Tea drinks can be made decaffeinated and/or iced.  Many drinks can also be made sugar-free.


A great little coffee shop!

Wyoming, MN coffee shop, The Nesting Grounds has great reviews.  Great coffee, food, and service!This is a great little coffee shop!  They also have hard ice cream and sandwiches!  They have jam sessions on Friday nights, where anyone can join and sing and play their instrument.  There is also a lot of neat things to buy here too!!!! - happy customer