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The Nesting Grounds Coffee Shop in Wyoming, MN on Highway 61, just north of Forest Lake and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. PaulClassic Espresso / Coffee

Cafe' Latte




Espresso, steamed milk

Cafe' Mocha


Espresso, chocolate, streamed milk, whipped cream

White Mocha


Espresso, white chocolate, steamed milk and whipped cream




Espresso with equal amounts of steamed milk and foam



Espresso, steamed half and half



1,2,3 shots of espresso with hot water






Cafe' Au Lait


Coffee of the day with steamed milk

Coffee of the Day



Cold Press Iced Coffee


Cold pressed coffee over ice

Nesting Grounds Travel Mug Refill



Other Travel Mug Refill

(coffee only)





Extra Espresso




Flavor Shot




Whipped Cream




Almond, Coconut, or Soy Milk





Remember... All espresso/coffee and Chai Tea drinks can be made decaffeinated and/or iced.  Many drinks can also be made sugar-free.


A place you feel welcome...

Wyoming, MN coffee shop, The Nesting Grounds has great reviews.  Great coffee, food, and service!

Our local arts council was looking for a place to meet.  The Nestings Grounds welcomed us with open arms and even let us stay a couple hours after closing.  Their great selection of coffee and art hanging all over the place made us feel at home.  Thank you! - the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community